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Useful Links

The following is a list useful links that we have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send us an e-mail.

National Organization for Women
A great resource for feminists around the nation.
Human Rights Campaign
One of the Nation's Largest Gay and Lesbian Organizations which seeks to promote tolerance in the world through political action. This website is a great resource for information about the stance of candidates on Gay and Lesbian issues as well as politics around the globe.
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy, and women's rights in a fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan.
This is a way cool groovy website that is a great resource for feminists. It contains everything from writings to a reading room to a selection of shopping for women owned businesses.
Move is watching our government. This is a website full of information about naughty things our government is up to.
Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a world leader in identifying global human rights abuses and taking action against it.
Bitch Magazine
The name says it all. This magazine is the feminist movement's answer to popular culture. Interesting articles and happening news.

MS. Magazine
If you want to know what is going on in the world of feminism, click on this link baby! Ms. Magazine has just about everything from femisnist cruise listings, to movies, tv, book listings, comedy, intellectual happenings. Click here and open up your world.
Kansas Government
This is the official website for the state of Kansas. If you would like to find out who your state representatives might be and want to contact them, or want to pop a note to the Governor of Kansas, you can do that here.
ixoq coop
The cooperative was formed 12 years ago with the help of a Peace Corps volunteer.  There are 26 members --all women -- who form the governing board.  Many of the women rely on the income generated from their weavings to support their families and send their children to school
One of the leading prochoice organizations.

Make a difference in the world around you.